This month, Warlord Games have released four brand new sets.

‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’, ‘TARDIS’, ‘Eleventh Doctor and Companions’ and ‘Voyage of the Damned’ sets join the ever-expanding ‘Doctor Who Into the Time Vortex’ Further details of which can be found below. As usual, each set is provided unpainted and does not include glue.

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The Tomb of the Cyberman

The Telos Tomb Cybermen were once like us. Hailing from Mondas, Earth’s twin planet, their scientists discovered ways to prolong and upgrade their race by replacing vital organs with metal and plastic. Each had the strength of eight men, but all humanoid emotions had been removed. They are more robot than man, intent on conquering the galaxy and upgrading as many humans as possible to become like them.

The Cybermen who settled on the planet Telos were frozen in suspended animation in giant, elaborate tombs, awaiting their resurrection.  An archaeological expedition from Earth led by Professor Parry awoke the dormant army, but they did not realise the horrors that awaited them…

This boxed set contains five Cybermen: The Cyber Controller and four Telos Cybermen as they appeared in this classic four-part story.


Warlord Games are delighted to announce their very first TARDIS scale model, compatible with the entire Into The Time Vortex range of figures!

The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) has been the Doctor’s one constant companion over the centuries, an outdated Type 40 model “borrowed” from the Time Lords (with a little guidance from Clara Oswald) when he fled Gallifrey to explore the universe with his granddaughter Susan.

Dimensionally transcendental, bigger on the inside than the outside, the TARDIS, like the Daleks, is a British cultural icon. Despite several subtle changes over the years, the TARDIS exterior remains instantly recognisable to this day.

The TARDIS features a great many number of rooms. The primary control room with the central console allows the Doctor to navigate all of space and time. In the classic series, the Doctor was rarely able to accurately pilot his ship, often ending up centuries from where he thought he was, and often on totally the wrong planet! Since the days of the Ninth Doctor, the Time Lord can usually plot a course far more successfully.

Eleventh Doctor and Companions

Youthful in appearance, but centuries old, the Eleventh Doctor loved life, but had little tolerance for those who did him wrong. A fondness for hats and Jammie Dodgers, he was adventurous and unpredictable. He travelled with Amy and Rory and, later, Clara – the Impossible Girl.

He married Professor River Song and faced and defeated countless enemies including The Silence, Weeping Angels and Daleks. Revisiting the Time War, he discovered that he and his past incarnations had saved his home world, Gallifrey, and the Time Lords from destruction, but his planet was lost somewhere in the endless void of space and time.

This box contains the following unpainted pewter miniatures: the Eleventh Doctor in his Series 6 outfit, Amy, dressed in her kissogram outfit and Rory in his nurse’s uniform from The Eleventh Hour, Clara in her Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS dress and River Song as she appeared in The Impossible Astronaut. It also includes gaming cards allowing you to use these figures in our Exterminate! miniatures game.

Voyage of the Damned

Travelling alone, the Tenth Doctor crash lands the TARDIS into the side of the Titanic, although this version happens to be a luxury space cruise liner!

Its engines sabotaged, the Titanic is on a collision course with Earth. Posing as a passenger, only the Doctor, joined by waitress Astrid Peth and an eclectic mix of survivors, can save the lives of millions on our home planet.

As deadly Heavenly Host robots controlled by the corrupt Max Capricorn begin to pick off the passengers, mass carnage and great personal sacrifice follow as the band of survivors desperately try to avert a catastrophic disaster.

The box includes five highly detailed pewter miniatures: Tenth Doctor, Astrid Peth, Bannakaffalatta, and two Heavenly Hosts.

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