Warlord Games have started off 2018 well with the introduction of 2 new miniature figure sets and two brand new display stands.

The Daleks, Monvellans join the ‘Doctor Who Into the Time Vortex’, while two brand new stands have been specially created for you to display your newly painted miniatures on. Further details of which can be found below.

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Maximum Extermination

The Doctor’s foes clash in this fast-paced tabletop miniatures game. Amongst this conflict the Doctor protects the Time Vortex – with his companions, the TARDIS, and a clever plan…

Pit your wits against your adversaries and build your force from a variety of options – whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!

Hailing from the Last Great Time War, the Genesis Ark is a Time Lord Prison ship, which, like the TARDIS, was dimensionally transcendental – bigger on the inside. This housed millions of Daleks and needed the touch of a time traveller to activate it.

The red-coloured Supreme Dalek was the commander-in-chief. In the absence of the Emperor, he became the leader of the entire race of Kaled mutants, taking charge of the New Dalek Empire.

The Special Weapons Dalek, also called ‘The Abomination’, was visually different to a standard Dalek. The eye-stalk and manipulator arm was replaced with a large energy cannon capable of great firepower.


Outwardly resembling humans of different ethnicities, the Movellans are androids from the star system 4X Alpha 4. Sporting long silver dreadlocks, white uniforms and a conical gun, they are extremely strong.

Each Movellan carries an external power pack round their belts; if this unit is damaged or destroyed, the android unit will cease to function. They have a strong code of honour, refusing to allow other species to see them in death.

Cyberman Miniatures and Doctor Who Miniatures Display Stand
£10 Each

Show off your Doctor Who collection with this neat display stand, designed so they can be stacked next to each other! Can comfortably fit 9 models, 3 on each row.

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