If you have never heard of Titan Merchandise then it is worth checking out their website, along with Forbidden Planet stores, as you are missing out on an exciting range of Doctor Who merchandise. For those of you who do, then you will know that Titan produces an ever-expanding range of fantastic Doctor Who merchandise, from T Shirts & Hoodies to Mugs and Travel Pass Holders to their celebrated range of Masterpiece Collection statuary!

TITAN Vinyls

One sensational product is the range of TITAN Vinyl figures measuring just 3” tall. TITANS are a collectable figure range, moulded in a unique style compared to any other Doctor Who figures currently on the market. Their cartoony appearance overemphasises the Doctor’s characteristics perfectly without losing the overall appearance of the character.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on four of the ‘TITAN 50th Anniversary Eleven Doctors’ range and I was impressed!
Each TITAN figure comes boxed and packed in a blind bag meaning that the figure contained within is a complete mystery. Similar to the Character Building Micro figures, there are also a number of chaser figures to collect meaning the hunt is on to track down those rarer figures. From the batch I received, I was lucky enough to find the Tenth Doctor in his brown suit and overcoat, along with the more common Tenth Doctor, complete with blue suit and overcoat. If you know me well enough then you will know that I am a big fan of the Tenth Doctor, so I was delighted to find these within.
The likeness of the Tenth Doctor has been captured perfectly in the style intended. His trademark spiky hair has been moulded with care and the suit stripes have been added with attention to detail. One thing which was really impressive was the Sonic Screwdriver. For the size it is, measuring just 3cm, it has a lot of detail; the colouring is perfect and rich in colour.

Although I duplicated on a Tenth Doctor figure from the four, the other figure I found within was the Eighth Doctor complete in his outfit from the 1996 TV movie. There haven’t been many figures of Paul McGann but this figure does not disappoint. Just like the Tenth Doctor, the figure has been moulded perfectly and the paint job is brilliant. His curly locks have been moulded in true McGann style and his cheekbones formed to resemble Eight. Of course there are a few minor areas where it has not painted right up to the line, however, this is barely noticeable and you really have to study it in detail to see where these areas are. This should not put you off one bit because all you have to do to see how well these have been produced is just to look at the attention to detail within eyes.

At £7.99 each some may find these expensive. I was sceptical at first; however having these in hand I am convinced! One thing is for certain, there is a good mix of characters from across the years to collect so you will never get bored! To date, there have been 3 waves released with the fourth coming soon. The first consisted of the Eleventh Doctor and characters from Matt Smith’s first few series,  the second features the Tenth Doctor and a range of monsters from his tenure, the third, all Eleven Doctors and the fourth, coming this spring, features another wave of Eleven complete with War Doctor! Each character is articulated with arm and head joints so they can be posed. Titan Merchandise has even launched a 6.5-inch line with some of the most popular characters, but that is for another day!

Titan Doctor Who T-Shirts

If TITANS are not your thing then why not look at their range of T-Shirts.

There are many designs to choose from, each made from heavy cotton. This is particularly pleasing as it is a sign of a good quality t-shirt. As you may know sometimes when ordering printed t-shirts or purchasing them from well-known stores, they can lose their shape easily as they are thin and particularly “see-through”. Sizing is true to size and the prints are of a high quality too, having been printed with a matt texture, unlike some transfers found on t-shirts which have a shiny appearance. The “It’s bigger on the inside” t-shirt is a must buy as this such a classic line from the show, a true fan’s t-shirt, however, there are so many other designs to choose from, so please take a look!

Please take a look at our gallery below and let us know what you think.

Until next time, happy shopping!