Each year, Robert Harrop Designs release a Christmas piece into their impressive Doctor Who collection, and this year is no different as 2018 welcomes The Clockwork Soldier from ‘The Mind Robber’.

In defeating the Dominators on Dulkis, the Doctor sets off a volcanic eruption which engulfs the TARDIS.  To escape, the Doctor uses an emergency unit which moves the TARDIS, along with his companions Jamie and Zoe, out of normal time and space.  The travellers then find themselves in an endless void, where they are menaced by White Robots.

Having regained the safety of the TARDIS, they believe they have escaped – until the ship suddenly explodes apart.  They then find themselves in a land of fiction, where they are hunted by life-size clockwork soldiers and encounter characters like Rapunzel and Swift’s Lemuel Gulliver. This domain is presided over by a man known only as the Master – a prolific English writer from 1926 – who in turn is controlled by a Master Brain computer.

Now the Master is desperate to escape and wants the Doctor to take his place, while the Master Brain plans to take over the Earth. The Doctor engages the Master in a battle of wills using a variety of fictional characters. Zoe and Jamie meanwhile succeed in overloading the Master Brain and, in the confusion; the White Robots destroy the computer, finally freeing the Master.

  • A Limited Edition Hand-painted figurine/statue from the Doctor Who Collection.

  • Designed and Sculpted in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.

  • Traditionally Hand Sculpted by Mike Rogers.

  • Official BBC License. The figurine has been approved by the Doctor Who television production team at the BBC.

  • Approximately 7.8 inches (198mm) tall.

  • A Limited Edition of only 200 Figurines Worldwide.

  • Solid pewter gun and key for strength. The key is supplied as a separate piece, which simply pops into his back-pack and can turn if you so wish!

  • Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.

  • Comes complete in a presentation box with an information card and a Certificate of Authenticity!

Pre-order now for £65 from https://www.robertharrop.com/doctor-who/clockwork-soldier