It is that time of year again when companies across the globe descend on the San Diego Comic Convention to showcase their latest offerings to comic and other popular art form fans!

This year, Titan Merchandise has two exclusive offerings from their Titan Vinyl collections and an exclusive debut of the War Doctor 6.5 inch figure.

So, which ones are you going to add to your collection?

The Beast – 9 Inch Vinyl (SDCC Exclusive)

Towering over every other TITAN they have ever produced, The Beast stands at a mighty 9 inches!

This Convention Exclusive recreates the dark, monstrously-evil Beast of legend as seen in the terrifying Tenth Doctor adventure “The Satan Pit”. As Rose battles the murderous Ood, the Doctor must grapple with a monster that challenges his every belief: the Beast.

Eleventh Doctor in Tenth Doctor’s Suit – 3 Inch Vinyl (SDCC Exclusive)

After an explosive regeneration, the 11th Doctor emerged still wearing his previous incarnation’s suit.

War Doctor – 6.5 Inch Vinyl (SDCC Debut)

Caught up in the Last Great Time War, the 8th Doctor was forced to regenerate into John Hurt’s much tougher warrior incarnation – enter The War Doctor!

What do you think?

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