Thanks to Robert Harrop Designs, it is with great pleasure that we can bring you an in-hand review of the Second Doctor figurine.

The Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton from 1966 to 1969, made his first appearance in ‘The Tenth Planet’, a story, where the First Doctor, seemingly weakened by his battle with the Cybermen, eventually collapses and ‘regenerates’. 

Released for pre-order in July 2018,  the figurine is our first look at Robert Harrop Design’s human (or Time Lord) interpretation; although, the company have previously released the Third, Fourth and Tenth Doctor figurines into the range in the past few years.

In all honesty, we didn’t know what to expect as we know a human likeness is hard to pull off in figurine form at the best of times. Unlike the monsters, a human will show up any blemishes, sculpting details and paint tones, and if incorrect it can be disastrous, however, our concerns were soon put to rest as we opened the box and inspected the figurine for the first time!
Just like many of the recently released, the character’s image has been captured beautifully by Mike Rodgers, who presents The Doctor with a stern and meaningful look. The figurine does have one or two little marks from the traditional sculpting, manufacturing and painting process, but by no means should this be taken a negative, in fact, we believe the sample we received is even better than the promotional pictures released.

Standing at 7 inches (178mm) tall, we strongly approve of is the stance Harrop have chosen for the figurine; hands clasped together in front, towards his chest, giving the sense that The Doctor is a closed off and secretive man, with authority. The pose also offers a nice transition from The First Doctor’s trademark pose, which often sees him clasp onto his jacket lapels.

It is always nice to see products from the Second Doctor’s era as merchandise is few and far between. On screen, we tend to only see the Second Doctor in black and white due to the transmissions of the time, although what is striking is the boldness of this figure.

Now, we can hear you saying “But, he wears a black coat and brown trousers, how can he be bold?” 
The paint on this figurine is rich, the blackness of his jacket is deep, the redness of his handkerchief is rich. Troughton’s shirt is also crisp, with his bowtie perfectly painted and formed. His trousers have also been texturised, with great detail, to give the impression that he is wearing checkered trousers.

As you may know from our previous reviews, we also take time to admire the base of each figurine and this one is no different. For the Second Doctor, Harrop has opted for red brick paving to bring a bit of colour to the lower half of the sculpt. This really works with the sculpt, and it clearly shows how much love and care goes into these figures, from top to bottom!

As usual, each figurine is designed, sculpted and hand-painted in Shropshire, making this British icon, truly British! This particular figure is limited to just 250 individually numbered figurines worldwide and it is sure to sell out within the coming weeks and months, joining the likes of the Mandrel who has sold out after 3 months!


The Second Doctor is now available to order directly from
Robert Harrop Designs