Doctor Who Action Figures Online Exclusive

Vinyl figures – there are so many manufacturers and designers nowadays, but we are very pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the best… Lunartik Jones a.k.a Matt Jones!

Matt has designed many of the TITANS, and within our question and answer session he gives us interesting insight into the design process, how long it takes to get a design to market, and more.

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The Interview

Hi Matt – Thank you so much for agreeing to answer a few questions for Doctor Who Action Figures Online! With the increased popularity of vinyl figures over recent years; could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you got involved in designing vinyl toys?

Yeah sure, I came from a product design background originally, and I discovered the Designer Vinyl scene when it started to become popular in the UK around 2003/04. My first step in was a big one, as I won a design competition held by TOY2R to have one of my concepts brought to life on a Qee Bear, this opened up plently of doors for me and I was in and hooked.

From 2005 onwards I started my own production of figures with my company ”Lunartik Limited” and from this the vinyl figure  “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea” was born. He, I say he, as he kinda feels like a ”He”, has now become my signature character.

Over the years I’ve worked on many custom pieces for exhibitions and commissions and I’m still making them today.

It’s now my 10th anniversary this year for Lunartik, I call it the “Year of Tea” I can hardly believe I’ve been working with the same character for 10 years and the loyal fans are still by my side.

I may take this chance to thank all my fans and followers and who has ever bought a figure from me. I feel privileged to be part of your lives and your collections.

I found over the last 10-15 years I’ve gained lots of experience, so now I’ve started giving Resin casting workshops for newbies Art-Toy designers. You can find out more about that at

You have been working in partnership with TITAN, designing their range of vinyl figures. How is that going?

It started about 4/5 years ago, I created the original shape of the main TITANS body and then spent about 2 months developing a kind of in house style for the TITANS ranges and this also included the Box art & design and all the accessories to the bags that you find the toys inside.

As with all big projects with a company behind them, there’s a budget, and this had to be taken account of, so many of my more interesting suggestions we’re deemed unachievable, but overall finally they look good, they do the job and I like them as design pieces.

So to answer the question, Its going well thanks, I do the fun design work, TITANS team do all the geeky stuff like ranges and watching the shows etc.. and we work like chalk and cheese most of the time but it’s definitely a winning combo.

As part of that range, TITAN has released a couple of Doctor Who collections. Are you a fan of the BBC series?

I like Doctor Who. I would not go out my way to watch it. But I do like it from a design concept and its great array of characters and the actual way it’s done. Yes it’s a good show.

Personally I prefer to be drawing /working than watching TV.

What has been your favourite Doctor Who collection to work on?

I think the first wave collection was the biggest challenge.
And the best figure I can think of was Simon Peg, as I know him as an actor and that was tough to get him right for the fans and the agents.

Doctor Who has complex characters; are some characters more difficult to sculpt than others?

Well, I only do the turn-around 2D designs, I leave the sculpting to the professionals who work alongside TITANS manufacturing division. Sometimes I get to see the designs and approve them, sometimes they just turn up in my office when there done.

My work is vital to TITAN getting the ranges sorted and approved by the Licence teams.

How long does it take to sculpt a typical figure, and how long does the design to shelf process take?

It’s all done one the computer, It used to be done by hand and this was the scalping would take many days and making changes was tough work. But now as were using computer CAD, the designs take only some hours to get the designs done. The team of experts we’re working with are top notch and there work is seen worldwide and of an excellent standard. (I’m mentioning no names here as it’s TOP SECRET like the “Stig”!)

The trick I find is to give the CAD team enough views of each the figures and accessories to make sure the designs you see in sculpted form reflect the designs I do in 2D which have been already approved by the BBC for instance. It’s an interesting process. So thanks for asking!

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. Please could you leave us with a hint of what is to come?

You’re very welcome. A hint hey, well… I don’t think I can say anything? Boo.

I know I know loads of stuff and there is loads coming up. I think it’s best to look out for the hashtag #weloveTITANS for the most up to date knowledge. Sorry for my lack of hintage.

Matt’s website can be found at Why not take a look and order your very own Artist Proof figure!

Why the hell not hey 🙂 I’ve designed and signed every single one of them. Apart from that new nickelodeon series that is 🙂