Thanks to Robert Harrop Designs, Doctor Who Action Figures Online is pleased to bring you our in hand review of Robert Harrop Designs latest Doctor Who figurine, The Mandrel.

Taken from 1979’s Fourth Doctor story, ‘The Nightmare of Eden’, the Mandrel is a limited edition run of just 200 figurines worldwide. Standing at an impressive 7.25 inches tall and priced at just £65, the figurine captures this classic monster perfectly. It isn’t until you have the figurine in your hand that you truly appreciate the highest standards that Harrop puts into every figurine produced at their Shropshire factory.

This monster has been sculpted by Mike Rogers who is responsible for bringing the textures of the Mandrel to life. What is apparent about this figurine impressive build of the monster, given it status amongst the range. The legs of the figurine are ribbed to the impression of layers of scaled skin and fur and the main body has been sculpted to show the many layers of scales. What we particularly liked are the massive claws that this figurine has, making the creature look menacing. By looking at them, you can certainly recall the unfortunate soles who lost their lives by them.  The head is stunning too! With the mane of the creature extending down its back, it has been sculpted in a way that gives the impression of fuzzy free-flowing hair. The striking green eyes of the creature also makes you feel uneasy, mainly because the character doesn’t have pupils, therefore giving you the illusion that the monster is following your every move.

When unwrapping this figure, we were instantly impressed with the paintwork applied to this figurine. The bronze and silver brushed along the edge of the scales make this figurine stand out, giving the skin a metallic look. When in the light, the texture of the figurine, along with the tones of the paint gives the figurine depth. It is something which you are instantly drawn too!

As you know from previous reviews, we also take an interest in the bases of each figurine as they are themed to the episode the character is taken from. The Mandrel is no difference and the base depicts the feel of the spaceship walls which we think is a really nice touch. Mike Rogers initials can also be found moulded into the base as a signature to his piece.

Each figurine is individually numbered with a special silver diamond Doctor Who sticker. The figurine will also be sent to you in a blue cardboard presentation box which is also individually numbered, along with a collector’s card detailing the synopsis of the episode.

If you fancy your own Mantel, the figurine is now available to purchase from our good friends at Robert Harrop Designs. Order now from