In an EXCLUSIVE feature, Robert Harrop Designs provide Doctor Who Action Figures Online with a rare insight into the model making process for the company’s up and coming Doctor Who Handpainted figurine, the Tetrap.

Below, with thanks to the team at Robert Harrop Designs, we have been given one of the finished Tetrap Urak for us to review. Take a look at our thoughts below.

Tetrap Review

What a monster!

We’ve been following Robert Harrop’s Doctor Who figures from day 1, however, we are continually blown away by the quality of each sculpt and the Tetrap Urak has topped the lot. Opening the dark blue and silver Doctor Who cardboard presentation box, featuring the BBC’s Classic Doctor Who logo, a well-wrapped figure can be found in bubblewrap, ready to delight collectors!

The figure has been taken from the Seventh Doctor’s 1987 adventure ‘Time and the Rani’ which sees the Rani’s TARDIS crash-land on Lakertya and enlist the help of the Tetraps. Unwrapping the figure, an accurate representation of the bat like boar figure can be found, along with a fresh paint smell. One of the first things you notice is the weight of each figure; these are by no means figurines which have been hollowed out or produced as just resin shells. They are quality pieces which have been produced with love and care. As already stated, Tetrap Urak raises the already high standards set by Robert Harrop Designs as the figure is a thing of beauty.  You may say that we are biased, however, we can honestly say that the figurine is one of our favourites as the attention to detail is immense.

Looking at the many textures of the head sculpt, it is the Tetrap’s glossy eyes which instantly draws your attention along with the detailed mane running between the creature’s light brown ears, leading to the all-seeing eye at the rear. His flaring nostrils and grizzly teeth have not been forgotten as 14 perfectly formed teeth and fangs add to the authenticity of the figure.

Within the sculpting processes, it is clear to see the level of detail taken on the creature’s coat which luckily hasn’t been lost in the moulding or finishing process.

The texture achieved is good and the waving hair almost looks like it could be separated strand by strand due to the excellent colour textures used. Our only wish would be if the figure had more of a light brown texture, added in parts, but this does not distract from the figure’s overall accuracy. The pot belly is clearly defined and merges in well with the rest of the figure, adding to the overall quality of the figure. You can even see the Tetrap’s bellybutton clearly amongst the textured skin. Moving down, the Tetrap Urak’s gun has also been sculpted and painted with care with minimal bleeding of colours between the gun and body. This is evident throughout as the wristwatch, on the other hand, has also been painted with care.

Just like the belly, Tetrap Urak has many other textures which merge seamlessly and this is certainly true when looking at the beast’s legs as a tough leatherlike skin emerges through the fur. The base has been moulded to achieve a stone finish and painted a light grey to contrast from the overall figure with clearly defined lines. Underneath, the felt covered base can be found, along with the Limited Edition numbered sticker which corresponds to the box and collectors card inside.

Turning to the back of the figure, more of the texturised fur coat can be found along with the creature’s bat-like wings which have been painted to achieve a thin transparent skin effect.

Overall, this is a great figure to own. It is currently priced at £60 and limited to just 200 pieces worldwide. With the reduced run of Doctor Who figures, this is certainly a move which will increase the collectability and demand of Doctor Who figures in the future. Coverage of the Tetrap’s production has also given us a new-found respect of the manufacturing process and how much care the team at Harrop have for their figures. We are certainly looking forward to seeing what is coming up next!

The figure is now available from Robert Harrop Designs while stocks last.