Doctor Who Action Figures Online Exclusive

Just like any fan, I love to browse the internet to read the latest goings on in the Whoniverse. I love reading fan sites such as  ‘Doctor Who TV’, especially their Weird and Wonderful feature where the Who community create some truly unique videos and artwork. It wasn’t until my own random search of ‘doctor who figures’ that I came across Ryan Hall, who created the Doctor Who figures from paper and card. You may have already seen Ryan’s work; however, if today is the first time then I am sure that you will agree his skills create something truly amazing.

Taking inspiration from those sites who share others work, I contacted Ryan through his site to ask if Doctor Who Action Figures Online could share his creations in a special feature of our own, something which he was more than happy to agree too!

I hope that you enjoyed what Ryan had to say, along with the gallery of some of his work; however, please take a look at his site which can be found at to view even more of his paper creations.

DWAFO Editor

Doctor Who Paper Toys – By Ryan Hall

When I was growing up, action figures were pretty much my life, Doctor Who was the first proper toy I had as a kid (The old Denys Fisher toys still proudly sits on a shelf in my work room); sci-fi and horror I loved!
This hasn’t changed and I’m still a huge collector of toys!  I think the whole sense of play with the action figure’s as a child just carried on into my art as I was very creative as a kid, making Castle Grayskull or Star Wars bases from cardboard boxes.

I studied illustration at degree level at Wrexham’s Art University, that’s where I started doing my paper sculpt work. I took the love I have for toys and applied to the work I was doing, with such a simple medium like card/paper I could make toys and from there it developed.

With making the models I first designed a simple template for a head and a body, usually by drawing up a few ideas and working out the folds and shapes and seeing how it would look made up, then as time went on designing a figure I became more complex with them, taking that simple template and building on it taking the design further with each figure and having a more 3D effect building up on the model by creating the clothes, hair etc.

The Doctor Who models I make have just took on a life of there own from being on a set of book covers for Obverse books “The 500 year diary”, having praise from the BBC, featuring in Art shows all over the world to myself holding Doctor Who paper toy workshops with children ( and some adults haha) making them.

Seventh Doctor and Ace in TARDIS
Eleventh Doctor and the Weeping Angels
Romana, complete with ‘Retailer’ Paper Packing
The Fourth Doctor and enemies.
The Tenth Doctor, complete with ‘Retailer’ Paper Packing
TARDIS Console
The Second Doctor and TARDIS Console
The Twelve Doctors
Forest of the Dead
The Third Doctor and Jo Grant