With thanks to Robert Harrop Designs, it is with great pleasure that we can bring you an in-hand review of the Solonian Mutant figurine from the Third Doctor’s 1972 story  ‘The Mutants’.

The Doctor and Jo are sent on a mission by the Time Lords to deliver a sealed message to an unknown party aboard a Skybase orbiting the planet Solos. Solos is due to gain independence from Earth’s Empire, but its Marshal is determined to prevent this. He arranges the murder of the Earth Administrator and, with his Chief Scientist Jaeger, plans to transform Solos’s atmosphere into one more suited to humans.

The Solonian Mutant is the first this year’s releases from Robert Harrop Designs, once again featuring the new style packaging that was first introduced with the Clockwork Soldier late last year.

One of the first things you notice when unwrapping this figurine is the weight of the sculpt. Fully revealed, you are then immediately drawn to the back of the mutant due to the size and shape of its abdomen that can only be compared to the body of a large wasp.

Overall, the rear of the sculpt is impressive, giving the impression of a multiple-layered exoskeleton. In addition, the texture and paint application given by Harrop adds to the overall presentation of this figure.

The figure is actually not as tall as you’d expect, measuring in at 6.6″, although the figurines bulkiness gives it stature. The figure does appear to have some delicate features, such as the hands and mandible, although it is pleasing to see Robert Harrop Designs reinforce these parts by casting them in solid pewter.

The creature looks menacing with its beady eyes, droopy mouth and webbed feet, although it also holds a certain charm as when looking at the figurine you can imagine someone climbing into the suit, ready for filming. It is a character that is certain to please classic series and Third Doctor fans alike, although it is not necessarily our favourite creature from the series.

Once again, Mike Rogers has beautifully sculpted this piece, continuing to provide us with a great range.  Each figure comes with a limited edition certificate and each figurine is individually numbered, with this release only receiving a run of just 200 worldwide!

This figure is now available to order from Robert Harrop Designs priced at £64.99.