With thanks to Robert Harrop Designs, it is with great pleasure that we can bring you an in-hand review of the K9 figurine from The Invisible Enemy.

The Invisible Enemy is where we are first introduced to the character of K9, where he is serving as assistant to Professor Marius.  A dog-shaped robot, invented and built by the Professor himself, K9 has encyclopaedic knowledge, vast computer intelligence and a powerful laser weapon concealed in his nose. Marius gives K9 to the Doctor as a parting gift, where he goes on to appear alongside the Doctor in over 20 storylines. 

The Doctor’s faithful companion continues to be a firm fan favourite to this very day, therefore it is only right that Robert Harrop Designs honours the character with its very own release, but only 250 releases, K9 has now sold out from Robert Harrop’s online store, demonstrating how popular the character is!  While it could be argued that the number of figurines produced was not enough to supply the demand of such a popular character, the exclusivity of this range is maintained along with the figurines value, making this a truly collectable figurine to have!

Sculpted by Mike Rodgers, the complex design of K9, featuring his many panels and indentations, has been captured perfectly. On face value, K9 appears to be a very simple design, but the angles of this figurine have been accurately moulded to give the metal robot dog a well balanced and proportioned look. Harrop has also captured the finer detail of K9 by separately moulding his ears and tail to strengthen the design, instead of casting them as part of the overall resin mould. The tail alone has been cast in a solid pewter!

The graphite silver colour scheme has been chosen well to give K9 an overall metallic appearance with his K.9 letting being offset in a brighter silver and trims finished in a darker tone. We were particularly impressed with his eye panel which has been painted to give the appearance that his eyes are glowing. When photographing, this was very effective, making the character look realistic and lifelike. The simple flared effect certainly adds a wow factor to this figurine.  Overall, the paint application of this figurine is spot on! Looking at our sample, the figurine has virtually no bleeds which demonstrate the care and attention Robert Harrop Designs put into each of their figures. The button panel on the top of the figurine has been painted perfectly, along with the collar which features a multicolour design with a cross effect weaved into the design pattern. 

Initially, we thought this would be a small figurine for the £65.00 being asked for the figure, but upon inspection, we believe it is worth every penny!  As with any Doctor Who purchases from Robert Harrop Designs, each figurine comes complete in a presentation box with an information card and an individually numbered certificate of authenticity! Each figure is also carefully wrapped to ensure it is delivered safely!

If you have a chance to own one, it is certainly one to add to the collection!