Selling out in recent days, we are delighted to bring you our review of Robert Harrop’s 2018 Christmas Special; The Clockwork Soldier from 1968’s ‘The Mind Robber’.

The character features in this classic episode which sees the Doctor and the Master battle in a land of fiction, where they find themselves hunted by the life-size clockwork soldiers and encounter characters like Rapunzel and Swift’s Lemuel Gulliver.

Announced back in October 2018 as the Christmas Special piece by Robert Harrop Designs, we were delighted to hear that this classic character was to finally be made into a figurine by the Shropshire designers, as it is a character which we greatly suspect would not get made by any other Doctor Who licenses.

It is a bold choice by the team, but so right to be released for Christmas as it buys into the festive feeling of Christmases gone by and nostalgia of the classic series of Doctor Who. To be honest, it may even be our favourite ever figurine, and for that, we are ever so grateful to Robert Harrop Designs.

It is also the first release to feature the new style packaging, featuring the brand new Doctor Who logo.  The limited edition stickers and information card have also been redesigned, replacing the diamond stickers with round.  This is certainly a welcome move as it freshens up the brand and keeps it in line with other Doctor Who merchandise released since Jodie Whittaker took over the role.

The Clockwork Soldier is very simple in its design, however, the figurines likeness to the original onscreen characters has been captured perfectly by Mike Rogers, with minor details such as the Epaulettes and belt buckle and jacket buttons being captured well too.  We were particularly impressed with the moulding of the gun, which has been cast in solid pewter, along with the key, giving the impression that the strap is folding.

Standing at 7.8 inches (198mm) tall, the scale is perfect and the colours used to bring the character to life are bold. Upon inspection, our figurine has been hand painted to near perfection. 

The Soldiers hat has been painted in two different blacks to give the impression of two different textures, as seen in the original characters, with a matt effect being applied to the main body of the hat and a glossy finish for the visor. The gold emblem stands out well against the black and has been sculpted well, with yellow being applied to the centre of this to give the impression of light. The Epaulettes on the shoulders have moulded well too, once again, not losing any of their detail through the painting process. The trousers and jacket are solid in colour and texture, with the white really standing out on the sashes and gloves.

For £65, and limited to 200 pieces worldwide, it’s great to see a figurine which has very few blemishes or paint bleeds. We have mentioned this before in our reviews, but with each release, it is clear to see how much care and attention is being invested. 

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    With thanks to Robert Harrop Designs. All opinions expressed are those of the author and not of Robert Harrop Designs.