Merry Christmas!

We’ve been saving our write-up of The Thirteenth Doctor for the festive season, however, the time has now come for us to share our in-hand review of the latest 5.5 inch Doctor Who release by Character Options.

Announced by the toy manufacturer and Evolution PR in early November, it was revealed that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor would be receiving a 5.5-inch action figure after the success of her 10″ counterpart.   

Due to be released within the next couple of weeks for £12.99, the Thirteenth Doctor action figure has been packaged with a brand new look, made up with a cardboard back and plastic shell. 

The packaging has been redesigned with a fresh, edgy and angled look, coloured with a TARDIS blue, which upon further inspection has a wood grain effect, and yellowy hexagonal pattern. The ‘name card’ is a stony grey which has a suttle Gallifreyan design incorporated into the background, and the TARDIS can also be seen on the backing card, along with the new Doctor Who logo to accompany the series. This ties in nicely with the already announced Electronic Sonic Screwdriver and 10″/26cm scale Thirteenth Doctor figure, whose packaging followed a similar design. These items have also been advertised on the back of the card, in addition to a brief description of the character, above, which is as follows:

“One of the most iconic sci-fi characters ever has returned in her thirteenth incarnation for all-new adventured across space and time. Exploring the universe in her time-travelling TARDIS, sonic screwdriver in hand, the Thirteenth Doctor is ready to sort right from wrong and save civilisations throughout the galaxy”

Inside, the figure has been secured with two clear elastic bands in a clear plastic tray which can easily be removed with a pair of scissors, or by hand with a little care, meaning the figure can be returned to its packaging if required, although care must be taken with the packaging to ensure it is cut open properly. 

We find it disappointing to see the figure sealed in packaging, especially after receiving figures, such as Bill Potts, in removable and resealable boxes, although the design reminds us very much of the old style designs of the Tenth Doctor releases and now redundant 3.75″ action figure range. This does mean that the figure’s packaging is also prone to bending or creasing in transit or on the shelves of stores, so take care if you are a mint collector.

The actual figure is very impressive. The likeness of the Thirteenth Doctor has been accurately captured, and overall the figure has a nice solid quality appearance.  The figure reminds us very much of the Tenth Doctor in his long brown coat, with her coat moulded to give it a free-flowing feel. The figure has been well painted, especially when it comes to the minor detail such as her eyes and earrings.  Her hair has been moulded well and her roots have been painted on to give a more life-like appearance.
The colours and tones used on the overall figure are very accurate and refreshing, making this Doctor stand out from many of the other figures released into the Doctor Who range. It is certainly an eye-catching figure which should be easily seen in a store.

As usual, the Doctor is well jointed and comes complete with her sonic screwdriver, however, the way she holds this has been changed from previous Doctor figures as it is no longer an open-palmed clutch, but instead she can be found with a closed fist and hole. While this is nothing to be worried about, the sonic will need a little wiggle, however, take care when doing so as it the sonic looks more delicate than previous designs.

Overall, we are very impressed with this latest release. Hopefully, we will see more figures announced in the coming months, which will expand the latest offerings beyond the Doctor.  The figure is certainly one to add to your collection!