As announced towards the end of August, another exciting Doctor Who action figure has been released into the popular 5.5″ Collector Figure range, this time in the shape of fan favourite, Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie.

Available exclusively from Amazon, Pearl teased the release of her figure back on Christmas Day 2017 when she posted an image of her figure on top of her Christmas tree via her Twitter page.

At the time, the Bill Potts figure had not been officially announced by Character Options, Evolution PR or BBC Worldwide; therefore, fans were debating if this was a figure which would make it to general sale or if it would be one which would be consigned to the archive. Luckily, the figure has materialised in the form of this exclusive, along with an alternative version contained within the B&M Exclusive Twelfth Doctor Collector Set.

Bill Potts enters the range as part of the Collector Figure series that sees the figure packed into a special matt finished box featuring the classic Doctor Who logo and character description on the back.  The bespoke Collector Series pack allows the figure to be displayed within its box and packs are re-sealable so that the figures can be enjoyed in or out of the packaging without losing their collectability.

We’re a big fan of this release, more than the B&M version as it features the character in one of her most iconic tops.  As seen in many promotional images for Series 10, the colourful top stands out well against her black jeans and hair, bringing Bill’s personality to life. The stripes appear to be printed well on the figure, front and back, especially considering the moulding of the top to give the impression the fabric is rippling. Our sample contained a few marks on the white sections and a few scrapes under the arms, but not nothing which distracts from the overall look. 

Bill’s hair is amazing on this figure, her frizzy afro has so much detail. The hair has been sculpted separately from the head; therefore, creating layers in its design when putting the two together.  With a bow in her hair, the likeness of Pearl has been captured brilliantly. We can certainly see the improvements in likenesses since the 3D scan technology has been introduced. Her eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows have been applied well, giving the character more of a natural look.

Working down the figure, Bill’s trousers have been sculpted front and back to give the impression that the material is creasing and rippled and the pockets can easily be identified. Her light green boots are a nice addition, with lots of detail in the white lacing. The figure can easily be posed with bicep, elbow and knee joints, along with a swiving head, giving it playability for children and adults alike. 

While this figure does not, unfortunately, feature any accessories, it is certainly a nice addition to add to your collection. Priced at £15.99, it is now available to order, although it is temporarily out of stock at the time of writing.

Bill Potts Collector Figure

Now available to order from Amazon

With thanks to Evolution PR for the advanced copy of the Doctor Who Bill Potts Collectors Figure.