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Watch out! The Daleks are here to exterminate with this extraterrestrial Daleks Parliament Figurine Box Set containing 10 Daleks from Doctor Who The Official Figurine Collection.

Doctor Who’s nemesis includes:

  • The Last Dalek (“Dalek”)
  • New Paradigm Supreme Dalek (“Victory of the Daleks”)
  • Skaro City Dalek (“The Mutants”)
  • Gold Dalek (“Day of the Daleks”)
  • Genesis Dalek (“Genesis of the Daleks”)
  • Supreme Dalek (“Planet of the Daleks”)
  • Special Weapons Dalek (“Remembrance of the Daleks”)
  • Supreme Dalek (“Remembrance of the Daleks”)
  • Necros Dalek (“Revelation of the Daleks”)
  • Black Dalek (“The Dalek Invasion of Earth”)

These Dalek figures all stand approximately 8 cm tall; each is displayed on a base to show them off and come with a complete glossy 68-page magazine, read every adventure detailing the appearance and impact of the characters. Presented in a full-colour box and priced at £59.99.