We’ve made it to our tenth birthday…
Happy birthday, Doctor Who Action Figures Online!

On this day, ten years ago, a small website was launched to help collectors keep track of the latest Character Options figures. This was at a time when waves were frequent and figures proved a challenge to hunt down, however over the years we have evolved to bring you the latest news from some of the finest Doctor Who suppliers! Whilst we are not the biggest merchandise website out there, we are one of the most specialist, working with hand-picked suppliers to bring you the latest Doctor Who figure, collectable and prop news. We don’t report on anything, only the things which we believe will be of interest to you!

Alongside the latest news, part of our offering includes exclusive features which can not be found on any other websites. It is only from the willingness of our partners to help out that we are able to bring you such insights, especially considering that Doctor Who Action Figures Online is not a commercial website, so thank you to all! We are also thankful to you, our followers! Without you, this site would simply not exist and we thank you for your support and hope that you will continue to visit us for many years to come!

As you may have noticed, we are undergoing a period of change. This year, Doctor Who Action Figures Online has welcomed Richard to our social team, and it is great seeing the interaction between our followers. Hopefully, this is something which will flow over to our brand new website which will launch very soon with a crisp new look! We also hope to be launching a number of exclusive features as part of our tenth birthday celebrations over the coming months, in conjunction with our partners, so watch this space!

Once again, thank you to all!

Doctor Who Action Figures Online Editor