Last Thursday, Doctor Who Action Figures Online was extremely lucky to receive a very special delivery, thanks to the kind folks at Character Options and Evolution PR, in shape of the recently announced Thirteenth Doctor Adventure Doll.

Originally under a strict embargo, being one of the first figures to be released, we decided not to launch our review of the latest Doctor Who adventure doll straight away as we wanted a few days to admire the figure and appreciate it fully.  Having had time to inspect the figure, our verdict is in and the bottom line is… it’s stunning!

Jodie Whittaker’s likeness has been captured brilliantly using 3D scan data. For a figure which has a recommended retail price of £19.99 the quality is stunning and once released in stores, it is sure to spark the imaginations of wannabe Time Lords and collectors!

Billed as a highly detailed 10″ / 26 fully articulated collectable figure, we were impressed with the flexibility of the figurine, although we were originally unsure of the looseness of the joints when taking her out of the box for the first time. These fears were soon put to bed when we began to pose the figure, dressed in real fabric clothing, into many different positions. It maintains balance easily and holds your desired position, giving the impression that the character is in motion.

The Thirteenth Doctor is dressed in high-wasisted culottes, rainbow striped black shirt and her soon to be iconic lilac coat. These have been made perfectly to fit the figure and her coat can be removed, if required, to give The Doctor an alternative look. The figure also comes complete with her brand new Sonic Screwdriver; however, we would have liked to have seen a little more detail on this, as our version was just silver and did not include the paint effect featured on the back of the pack. Hopefully, this is something which can be picked up on in later releases.

Overall, the figure made us very excited for the premiere of Series 11. The packaging is eye-catching and appealing, bringing a very familiar feel to the series, even though Doctor Who is facing some of the biggest changes in its history. One thing is for sure, this figure will appeal to boys and girls, along with adult collectors. The figure feels like The Doctor and we are confident that the majority of fans will accept the changes without a fuss!

The figure is due to be released by Character Options within the next few weeks; however, they advise fans to visit Amazon, Forbidden Planet and The Who Shop for further stock updates.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this release, either via our social media platforms or by email, but in the meantime, please enjoy our full range of photos below.