Join us as we take a closer look at the £16.99 B&M Doctor Who sets, now reaching stores, as we post in box images of The Ninth Doctor, Fourth Doctor and Monsters sets.

Stocks of these sets appear to be limited, therefore please phone up your chosen store before travelling.  The store we visited had 2 x Ninth Doctor sets, 1 x Fourth Doctor set and 2 x Monsters set, although we are unsure how many they received initially. Please also be aware, if you are a Mint In Box (MIB) collector then please take care, as some sets in our sample appeared to be damaged.

Doctor Who 5.5″ Figures – The Ninth Doctor 3pk

Set contains:

  • The Ninth Doctor
  • Rose Tyler
  • Auton



Doctor Who 5″ Figures – The Fourth Doctor 3pk

Set contains:

  • The Fourth Doctor
  • Leela
  • K9 MK1

Doctor Who 5.5″ Figures – The Monsters 3pk

Set contains:

  • Sontaran Skorr
  • Cyber Controller (Tomb of the Cybermen 1967)
  • Cyberman (Attack of the Cybermen 1985)