Pop down to your local B&M Store and help the Doctor save the galaxy with three brand new sets of classic action figures from the hit BBC TV series, Doctor Who!

Each 5.5″ scale collector’s set is now available for £16.99, making them an ideal gift for die-hard Doctor Who fans and collectors of the time-travelling Doctor.

Doctor Who 5.5″ Figures – The Ninth Doctor 3pk

  • The Ninth Doctor
  • Rose Tyler
  • Auton

Doctor Who 5″ Figures – The Fourth Doctor 3pk

  • The Fourth Doctor
  • Leela
  • K9 MK1

Doctor Who 5.5″ Figures – The Monsters 3pk

  • Sontaran Skorr
  • Cyber Controller (Tomb of the Cybermen 1967)
  • Cyberman (Attack of the Cybermen 1985)