When people need help, I never refuse.’

A charismatic and confident explorer, dedicated to seeing all the wonders of the universe, the Thirteenth Doctor champions fairness and kindness wherever she can. Still a little dazed from her explosive regeneration, the Doctor crash lands on Earth, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping into action to save the universe. Brave and selfless, like her previous incarnations, the Doctor is a hero who will run towards danger without hesitation and she’ll always answer a call for aid when she hears it.

Now available to order, the Thirteenth Doctor Signature Edition is limited to only 500 worldwide. Including a special autograph plaque hand-signed by Jodie Whittaker, the Doctor herself, the figure features two fully realised life-like portraits, one neutral and one smiling, hand-tailored costume, numerous accessories and a special light-up display base.

What’s in the Box

Thirteenth Doctor Sixth Scale Collector Figure

  • Fully Realised Portraits of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor:
    • Neutral Expression
    • Smiling Expression
  • Anatomix Female Body
  • Hooded Trenchcoat with Functional Pockets
  • Dark Navy Rainbow Striped Top
  • White 3/4 Length Sleeve Top
  • 3/4 Length Cuffed Trousers (Pants) with Bracers (Suspenders)
  • Hiking Socks (Partial)
  • Pair of High-top Boots
  • Sonic Screwdriver Unlit
  • Sonic Screwdriver Lit
  • Psychic Paper Wallet
  • Pting 
  • Kerblam Box containing Fez
  • “Help Me” Delivery Note

Pre-order for £239.99 from https://www.bigchiefstudios.co.uk/collectables/doctor-who/sixth-scale-figures/13th-doctor-series-11