BIG Chief Studios have today renewd their license with agreement with BBC Studos for Doctor Who.

Today’s announcement can be found below…

We are thrilled to announce that BIG Chief have renewed our license agreement with BBC Studios for Doctor Who.

Since 2011 Doctor Who has been a key brand for BIG Chief and our commitment to the fans of the world’s longest running sci-fi TV show remains constant.

So what exactly do you guys have to look forward to? Well we heard you and we can confirm that our planned release schedule is classic all the way.

Following on from the upcoming Third Doctor pre-order, beginning this FRIDAY 26th JULY at 6 pm (UK time), collectors can expect a jaw dropping all new Deluxe Series 18 version of the Fourth Doctor (see work in progress renders), followed by the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors. A special Commemorative Edition of the Second Doctor will be released and yes you’ve requested them and we will be releasing our first Cyberman, Dalek and the Master (Roger Delgado).

We have other figures and environments that we are currently discussing and a fun range of Bobble Head Figurines and Mini Bobbles in our signature caricatured style.

Customers awaiting the 8th Doctor keep an eye out for an email update coming your way…

We want to thank each and every one of you who has continued to support the line and look forward to some awesome new collectables over the coming years.