Earlier this morning, our friends at BIG Chief Studios Limited provided an update on the Ninth Doctor pre-order, explaining the reasons for its delay.
Ensuring near perfection, the team are working hard to make these figures have improved eyes, faithful skin complexion and texture, softer more realistic eyebrows and hair, all using the original sculpt seen at pre-order.
Alongside the update, they also issued these brand new close-up photos showing the final production samples, which have recently been approved for production, in finer detail.

BIG Chief Studios Limited Update


We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your figures on pre-order. We understand your frustration and apologise for the continued delay. However, the delay will, we are sure you will agree, have been worth it.

So just why have the pre-orders been so delayed? In short, we have been working together with our vendors on improving the head paints, really improving the head paints. There have been several attempts and we have been desperate to share each version with you in the hope that we would be happy with results with each set of samples that we have received. We received the latest samples today and boy were we happy.

Improved eyes, faithful skin complexion and texture, softer more realistic eyebrows and hair. We are super pleased and hope that you will be too.

These are pre-production heads that we have approved for mass production. The other components for the figures have continued to be manufactured whilst we worked on improving the heads, so now that we have approved the final paints, our vendors will be able to mass produce the heads and complete the figures.

Please note the photos have been taken to show the paint details closely, with this in mind certain features on the sculpts may appear to be larger than they are. All sculpts are the same used on the prototype images.

We are awaiting on the exact final completion date, but estimate that it will be the end of September. Later than we wanted obviously, but we hope that you understand and appreciate that we have been working to improve our products for you, our customers.

Thanks BCS

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