Doctor Who Big Finish 8th Doctor and Dalek set from

Doctor Who B&M 8th Doctor & Dalek from the Big Finish story; The Time War.

First of all, a massive thank you to Character Options for sending this sample for us to review! These are now available to buy from your nearest B&M stores around the UK now.

We’ll start off looking at the brand new 8th Doctor based on his most common big finish appearance. A wonderful looking figure, which has been made by using the existing body of the 9th Doctor and the head from the body of The Night of The Doctor 8th Doctor. The Jacket looks lovely and very natural, with lovely paint apps, featuring a striking blue that stands out against the stark white of his t-shirt. The paint on the head is nicely done also; not to heavy and not too soft, just enough to highlight the wonderful sculpt of Paul McGann. The only downside to this figure is the articulation, with it being an older body, the articulation is somewhat lacking, with only seven points of articulation, but this doesn’t stop the figure from looking fantastic on the shelf next to the rest. This figure sadly doesn’t come with any accessories, which is a common theme throughout these Doctor/Dalek sets, my guess is because of cost. This is a most have figure for fans of the 8th Doctor and Big Finish, it’s crazy to believe that this is now our 5th version of the 8th Doctor, years it seemed like a fools dream to even get the movie version! Good things come to those who wait.

Now onto My favourite of the set. The Dalek Interrogator Prime. A cool looking Dalek from Big Finish, with even cooler name, on the magical 2010 sculpt of the RTD Dalek which featured in stories from 2005 to 2017. The Blue and Sliver paint scheme is phenomenal, it just bounces off the shelf against the other Daleks, as well as honouring the original look the 60’s Daleks with same colours, be it much lighter in the tone. The paint is also given a nice wash, helping the Dalek look dirty and used, like it’s been through the Wars. It’s a lonely articulated figure, with 4 main points of articulation. The Head can do a 360, The eyestalk can move up and down and the fun and plunger are on a nice tough ball point, giving them a nice range of movement. This may not seem like a lot movement, but for a Dalek there isn’t much you can do. Maybe one day we’ll get a Dalek that can route the middle section, one day.

This is a fantastic set and bargain for only £19.99! Two brand new and unique figures, that I never thought would have been possible. Although not my favourite version of the 8th Doctor (That title falls to the Night of the Doctor version.) it still makes an awesome piece, showing off a very cool 90’s Doctor. The Dalek is great and fits in ever so wonderfully with the rest of the collection, standing out against the sea of Gold Daleks. Be sure to keep update with our Facebook page and website for more updates on these figures and reviews of the other sets.